Poppy Reinstated!

After vandals bent and broke the Poppy, it has been mended by Josh and reinstated on Dairy Corner with extra fixings. We hope it stays where it is for some time to come now! 

Each year, in early November some 30,000 Legion volunteers take to the streets with poppies and collecting boxes, raising millions of pounds for the Poppy Appeal. The money collected at this time and from numerous other fundraising activities throughout the year, goes to providing help and support to serving and ex-Service men and women and their dependants.

Poppy People

We always need new volunteers – Poppy People – to assist with Poppy Appeal collecting in Leicestershire and Rutland. We particulalry need a County Poppy Appeal Organiser for Leicestershire and one for Rutland. These a crucial poistions to co-ordinate Poppy Appeal collections for the Counties, please contact the Membership Support Officer if you are interested.

Without volunteer collectors out there on the streets, without appeal organisers planning the collections, this great cause – that helps thousands of ex-Service men and women every year – would grind to a halt.

And we urgently need to recruit more people as many of our current volunteers are retiring from active duty. Add to this the ever increasing demand on the Legion’s services and you can see we need your help more than ever.

Please contact your local Poppy Appeal Organiser if you are interested in helping.


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