Month: July 2015

WWI Commemoration Bed

New willow poppies, one for each of Uppingham’s fallen. Six in the first two years. Sadly many more to come next year and the year after. Poppy bunting knitted by the WI.

There’s also a fabulous and timely display by Uppingham In Bloom on Ayston Road, there’s also commemorative wicker poppies elsewhere in town to remember the fallen.

WW1 WEEKEND – great event at Easton on the Hill on Saturday, really nice balance of remembrance reenactment and history.  Also a parade took place from Oakham to Langham, soldiers marched from Oakham onto Melton when recruited.  Had a great day at Easton on the Hill’s commemoration event on Saturday, from the fly pasts of the Tiger Moth and Pitts Special to the re-enactors and the excellent exhibition in the village hall, well done to everyone involved.  The service which began the day had good support too.


Judging Day 2015

East Midlands in Bloom Judges visit the town and are treated to lunch afterwards at the Cricket Club. Last year Uppingham was the Gold winner in the East Midlands in Bloom competition and judging day for this year’s competition is on Thursday July 9th. A very dedicated band of volunteers has been out every week weeding and planting and sprucing up the town. If your house is on the judging route you may have received a notification asking for you to do your bit to help the town retain the trophy.

This year Uppingham is also a finalist in the National competition, judging for which takes place on Tuesday 11th August. Uppingham in Bloom welcomes any and all support.


Poppy Reinstated!

After vandals bent and broke the Poppy, it has been mended by Josh and reinstated on Dairy Corner with extra fixings. We hope it stays where it is for some time to come now! 

Each year, in early November some 30,000 Legion volunteers take to the streets with poppies and collecting boxes, raising millions of pounds for the Poppy Appeal. The money collected at this time and from numerous other fundraising activities throughout the year, goes to providing help and support to serving and ex-Service men and women and their dependants.

Poppy People

We always need new volunteers – Poppy People – to assist with Poppy Appeal collecting in Leicestershire and Rutland. We particulalry need a County Poppy Appeal Organiser for Leicestershire and one for Rutland. These a crucial poistions to co-ordinate Poppy Appeal collections for the Counties, please contact the Membership Support Officer if you are interested.

Without volunteer collectors out there on the streets, without appeal organisers planning the collections, this great cause – that helps thousands of ex-Service men and women every year – would grind to a halt.

And we urgently need to recruit more people as many of our current volunteers are retiring from active duty. Add to this the ever increasing demand on the Legion’s services and you can see we need your help more than ever.

Please contact your local Poppy Appeal Organiser if you are interested in helping.


Wild flowers at the old Police Station

Buzzing with insects this morning!

Uppingham Police Station was closed and then sold in a bid by Leicestershire Police to save £300,000 a year. The building, in Leicester Road, was one of 12 police stations across Rutland and Leicestershire which was sold, or had their the lease agreements ended. But police have assured residents that they intend to maintain a presence in the town.


Judging Day 2015!

Judging Day! The Uppingham in Bloom committee have their fingers crossed until October after a visit from the judges in the national competition. Two Britain in Bloom judges visited the town on Tuesday. Uppingham qualified for the national contest after winning gold in last year’s East Midlands in Bloom.

Judging day!!